inspired by ancient art

grand tour

Micromosaic goes on a trip through history

touring continental europe like in the 18th century

souvenirs from a beautiful journey

connecting traditions and cultures from all over the World.

stunning rings

The Grand Tour was a long journey through Europe undertaken by 18th century aristocrats who wished to improve their knowledge.
Italy and its heritage, from Ancient Rome to recently built monuments, quickly became the perfect Grand Tour destination. Naples and Campi Flegrei, for example, offered the chance to visit archeological sites while also attending spectacular natural events like volcanic eruptions (Pompei and Ercolano were discovered in 1748).
Visitors could buy artistic handicraft and hierlooms as reminders of their journey. Le Sibille takes inspiration from this glorious era, creating a jewellery collection where all the beauties, traditions and cultures around the World are strikingly connected in a big odissey.